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Getting the Swing of Things

As I stand on the lush green fairways of Eagle Ridge Golf Club, watching my 8-year-old stepson, Benji, grip his club with a determined grip, I can’t help but feel a surge of excitement. Golf has always been a passion of mine, and now I have the chance to share this incredible sport with the next generation.

Benji has been begging me to teach him golf for months, and I’ve been eagerly anticipating this moment. I know that introducing a kid to golf, especially one with ADHD like Benji, can be a challenge, but I’m determined to make it an unforgettable experience. [4]

One of the first things I learned from the experts is that the key to teaching kids golf is to keep it simple and fun. [4] No need to bombard them with complicated swing mechanics or technical jargon. Instead, I focus on the basics – putting, chipping, and gradually working our way up to full swings.

Putting: The Building Blocks of Golf

As Benji and I step onto the putting green, I can see the excitement dancing in his eyes. Putting, I explain, is the foundation of the game. [4] It’s where he’ll learn the core principles of golf – how to align his body, read the green, and make smooth, controlled strokes.

I hand him a putter that’s the perfect fit, one that’s been adjusted to his height. [4] Benji grins as he grips the club, feeling the weight and balance in his hands. We start with simple drills, rolling the ball across the green, aiming at different targets. Each time he sinks a putt, his face lights up with pride.

Chipping: Taking It to the Next Level

With Benji’s putting skills starting to take shape, it’s time to introduce chipping. I explain that chipping is all about control – using the loft of the club to get the ball up and down with precision. [4] We head over to the practice area, where Benji can experiment with different club selections and swing techniques.

At first, he’s a bit tentative, but I encourage him to keep trying. “You’ve got this, Benji!” I exclaim, as he watches the ball arc gracefully through the air and land softly on the green. [4] Soon, he’s launching chip shots with increasing confidence, his body and mind working in harmony to master the technique.

The Full Swing: Harnessing Power and Precision

Now that Benji has a solid foundation in the short game, it’s time to tackle the full swing. I know this is where his ADHD might pose a challenge, so I’m prepared to keep things engaging and light-hearted. [4]

We start with some warm-up drills, like swinging with a club extended across his shoulders. [8] Benji loves the feeling of turning his body and letting the momentum carry him through the shot. Then, it’s time to hit the range, where I set up a target for him to aim at.

“Remember, Benji,” I say with a smile, “it’s all about balance and letting your body do the work. Don’t worry about the fancy stuff – just focus on making solid contact and having fun.” [4] He nods, takes a deep breath, and unleashes a powerful swing that sends the ball soaring down the fairway.

Embracing the Ups and Downs

As we continue our golf journey at Eagle Ridge, I know that there will be ups and downs. Some days, Benji will hit shots that have him beaming with pride, and other days, he might get frustrated. [4] But I’m committed to keeping the experience positive and supportive.

“That’s okay, buddy,” I say, whenever he mishits a shot. “Let’s try it again, but this time, remember to keep your head still and your balance.” [4] I share stories of my own struggles when I first started playing, letting him know that even the best golfers have their off days.

The Joy of the Game

As the sun sets over the lush fairways of Eagle Ridge, Benji and I head off the course, our clubs slung over our shoulders. He’s tired, but his face is alight with a smile. “That was so much fun, Dad!” he exclaims, already asking when we can come back.

In that moment, I know that I’ve succeeded in my mission – to introduce Benji to the joys of golf. [4] It’s not about developing a future PGA superstar, but rather creating lifelong memories and a deep appreciation for the game. And who knows, maybe one day, Benji will be the one inspiring the next generation of golfers at Eagle Ridge.


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