Eagle Ridge for Women: Tips to Improve Your Game

Eagle Ridge for Women: Tips to Improve Your Game

Teeing Up for Success

As I pulled into the parking lot of Eagle Ridge Golf Club, I couldn’t help but feel a mix of excitement and nerves. This wasn’t my usual weekend haunt – I was here to tackle the course with a new perspective, armed with tips and tricks to take my game to the next level. As a woman golfer, I often felt intimidated by the macho culture that can sometimes permeate the sport. But today, I was determined to conquer Eagle Ridge and prove that us ladies can hold our own on the fairways.

The clubhouse had a warm, welcoming vibe, and the staff greeted me with genuine enthusiasm. “Welcome to Eagle Ridge!” the starter exclaimed. “We’re so glad to have you here. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you get the most out of your round.” I appreciated the inclusive attitude – it was a far cry from the stuffy, exclusive country club vibes I’d experienced elsewhere. [1]

As I made my way to the first tee, I couldn’t help but notice the dramatic elevation changes and tree-lined fairways that define this course. “Okay,” I thought to myself, “this is going to require some finesse. No more muscle-ing my way through – time to get strategic.”

Mastering the Short Game

One of the biggest pieces of advice I received from the Eagle Ridge team was to really focus on my short game. [2] “Having a solid short game is crucial for scoring well here,” they told me. “The greens are small and tricky, so being able to get up and down is key.”

I headed to the practice green, putter in hand, and started working on my touch and feel. It was amazing how quickly I started sinking those tricky little 3- and 4-footers. Gaining confidence with the putter is such an underrated part of the game, but I could already feel it starting to pay dividends.

Next, I moved on to the chipping area, where I spent some quality time dialing in my technique. The Eagle Ridge staff had pointed me toward their resident PGA Master Professional, John Brown, for some expert tips. [2] I put his advice into practice, focusing on making clean, crisp contact and controlling my distance. Before long, I was launching those delicate chips within gimme range time and time again.

“Wow, my short game feels dialed in!” I thought as I made my way to the first tee. “This is going to make a huge difference out there.”

Navigating the Elevation

One of the most distinctive features of Eagle Ridge is its dramatic elevation changes. [3] As I stood on the first tee, I could see the fairway plunging sharply downhill, with trees lining both sides. “This is going to take some strategy,” I mused.

Rather than reaching for my driver, I opted for a hybrid off the tee. The last thing I wanted was to spray it into the trees and start my round with a lost ball. The hybrid shot split the fairway perfectly, leaving me with a manageable approach into the green.

This theme continued throughout the front nine. On the par-4 fourth hole, my booming drive bounded down the hill, leaving me with a delicate 65-yard shot that required both precision and restraint. [3] “I don’t know how to hit this shot,” I muttered to myself. But I took a deep breath, focused on making clean contact, and managed to save par.

The back nine presented even more elevation challenges, with blind tee shots and tricky, tiered greens. [3] On the par-4 10th, I decided to lay up rather than going for the green in two. Sure, it meant settling for bogey, but it was the smart play on this beast of a hole.

As I made my way around Eagle Ridge, I realized that brute force wasn’t going to cut it. This course demanded strategy, course management, and a deft touch. By staying disciplined and playing within myself, I was able to navigate the elevation changes and keep the ball in play.

Embracing the Challenge

One of the things I loved most about Eagle Ridge was its unapologetic refusal to coddle the golfer. [3] This course isn’t about flattering your ego – it’s about humbling you and forcing you to elevate your game.

On the par-4 eighth hole, I confidently pulled my driver, only to snap-hook it into the trees. “Ugh, bogey time,” I groaned. But instead of letting that mistake snowball, I regrouped and approached the next hole with renewed focus.

The course’s small, well-guarded greens were another constant test. [3] Any errant approach shot was quickly punished, with balls rolling off the putting surface and into penal lies. But I embraced the challenge, taking the time to carefully study each putt and commit to my line.

As I made the turn and headed to the back nine, I found myself energized rather than drained. Eagle Ridge had pushed me to the limits of my abilities, but in doing so, it had made me a better golfer. I was thinking more strategically, executing more precisely, and, most importantly, enjoying the journey.

Closing Thoughts

By the time I reached the 18th green, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Eagle Ridge had thrown everything it had at me, and I had risen to the occasion. Sure, my scorecard wasn’t exactly pretty, but I knew I had left it all out there on the course.

As I walked off the 18th green, the starter greeted me with a warm smile. “How’d it go out there?” he asked.

“Challenging, but in the best way,” I replied. “This course really made me work for every shot, but I feel like I learned so much about my game. I can’t wait to come back and tackle it again.”

The starter nodded knowingly. “That’s what we love to hear. Eagle Ridge isn’t for the faint of heart, but the players who embrace the challenge always leave better golfers. Come back anytime – we’ll be waiting for you.”

With that, I headed to the clubhouse, already planning my next visit to Eagle Ridge. This course had pushed me to the limits, but in doing so, it had ignited a newfound passion for the game. I may not have shot the lights out, but I had come away with something far more valuable: a deeper understanding of my own abilities and the confidence to keep pushing myself to new heights.

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