Chipping and Pitching Perfected

Chipping and Pitching Perfected

As a golfer, I’m always on the hunt for ways to sharpen my short game. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Eagle Ridge Golf Club – a true hidden gem when it comes to perfecting the art of chipping and pitching.

The Importance of Mastering Chip and Pitch Shots

Let’s face it, the short game can make or break a round of golf. Those tricky little shots from just off the green can be the difference between saving par and carding a dreaded bogey. And trust me, I’ve had my fair share of chili-dipped chips and fat, skulled pitches over the years.

But the team at Eagle Ridge has really taken their practice facilities to the next level, giving golfers like myself the perfect place to hone those delicate touch shots. As the experts at put it, “Sometimes you don’t have time to play 18 holes — but as well all know, even 20 minutes of golf a day will help keep the bogies away.” [2] And that’s exactly what Eagle Ridge offers – the opportunity to work on your short game, even when you don’t have hours to spare.

Eagle Ridge’s World-Class Practice Facilities

When I first stepped foot on the grounds of Eagle Ridge, I was blown away by the practice facilities. As the SCGA article mentions, the top courses in Southern California really understand the importance of giving golfers all the tools they need to improve. [2] And Eagle Ridge is certainly no exception.

Let’s start with the driving range – it’s a massive, 28-stall, lighted stretch of pure bliss. I could spend hours just dialing in my full swing, trying out different clubs and working on my tempo. But the real magic happens once you move over to the short game area.

Eagle Ridge has not one, not two, but three separate practice greens dedicated to chipping and pitching. [2] That means I can work on everything from delicate little chip shots, to high-flying, soft-landing pitch shots. And with five real-grass green complexes on the range, I can even get a true course-like feel as I dial in my distances. [2] It’s like having my own personal tour-level facility right in my backyard.

Chipping vs. Pitching: Mastering the Fundamentals

Of course, simply having access to world-class practice facilities isn’t enough. You also need to understand the nuances between chipping and pitching, and how to properly execute each shot. Luckily, Eagle Ridge has that covered too.

As the experts at explain, the key difference comes down to trajectory. [4] A chip shot is a low-flying, putting-style stroke, while a pitch shot is all about getting the ball up in the air and landing it softly on the green.

For the chip shot, I want to use a club with minimal loft, like a 7-iron or hybrid. [4] I keep my wrists firm, use a putting-like stroke, and focus on sweeping the turf beneath the ball. This ensures I get a nice, low, controlled launch.

The pitch shot, on the other hand, calls for a club with more loft, like a 54 or 60-degree wedge. [4] Here, I need to hinge my wrists and use more of a mini-swing motion, turning my body back and through to get that high, soft-landing trajectory.

And according to PGA pro Adam Smith, the key is to “understand high trajectory and low trajectory shots” and know when to use each one. [4] Chipping is the safer play whenever possible, while pitching should really only be used when I need to clear an obstacle or hit out of deep rough.

Perfecting the Pitch with the Help of a Legend

Of course, no discussion of short game mastery would be complete without mentioning the one and only Luke Donald. As the article points out, Donald was an absolute wizard around the greens, ranking among the PGA Tour’s best in Strokes Gained: Around the Green multiple times. [6]

So when I heard that Eagle Ridge had enlisted Donald himself to provide some exclusive pitching tips, I knew I had to check it out. And let me tell you, his advice is pure gold.

The key, Donald says, is to focus on your club path and body rotation. [6] He recommends setting up with your back to a wall, taking the club back with minimal body turn, and then swinging around your body on the downswing. This helps ensure I’m hitting down on the ball and getting that ideal slight-left path.

But the real genius is in Donald’s finish position – he wants the clubshaft to end up parallel to both the ground and the wall behind me. [6] This full release and follow-through is vital for generating spin and control.

Putting it All Together at Eagle Ridge

With all this knowledge and access to world-class facilities, I can’t think of a better place to perfect my chipping and pitching than Eagle Ridge Golf Club. Whether I’m working on those delicate little chip shots, dialing in my distance control on the pitch shots, or fine-tuning my technique with the help of a legend like Luke Donald, this place has it all.

And the best part? I can do it all in a relaxed, comfortable setting, without the pressure of a full round of golf. As that SCGA article mentioned, “When you don’t have four hours to play a full round (or heck, even two hours for 9-holes), it’s nice to be able to hone your skills at the range, on a manicured putting green or even at a chipping and pitching area.” [2]

So if you’re serious about taking your short game to the next level, I highly recommend making the trip to Eagle Ridge Golf Club. Trust me, your scorecard will thank you.

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