7 Proven Techniques to Improve Your Putting in Golf

Golf is a sport that requires precision, skill and patience. Putting is one of the most critical aspects of the game, as it is the final shot that determines the outcome of each hole. A good putter can make the difference between a win and a loss. This article will provide seven proven techniques to improve your putting in golf.

7 Proven Techniques to Improve Your Putting in Golf
The golfer taps in a putt on a golf green

1. The Right Grip

The grip is the foundation of a good putting stroke. A proper grip will help you control the club and keep it on the intended line. Place the club in your left hand and wrap your fingers around the handle to ensure a good grip. Then, place your right hand on your left hand and interlock your fingers. The V formed by your thumb and index finger of your right hand should point towards your right shoulder.

2. Stance and Alignment

Your stance and alignment play a crucial role in putting. To ensure a proper posture, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your weight balanced evenly on both feet. Then, align your body parallel to the target line. This will help you aim accurately and avoid pulling or pushing the putt.

3. The Correct Ball Position

The ball position is another essential aspect of putting. It should be positioned directly under your belly button in the centre of your stance. This will help you make a smooth, consistent stroke and avoid hitting the ball too hard or too soft.

4. The Right Speed

Speed control is critical in putting. You want to hit the ball with enough speed to reach the hole but not too much that it rolls past it. Focus on your tempo and make a smooth, rhythmic stroke to achieve the right speed.

5. Read the Green

Reading the green is crucial in putting. Look for subtle undulations, breaks and slopes that will affect the path of your putt. Take the time to study the green and make a mental note of the breaks and speed. This will help you make a more accurate putt.

6. Use Your Shoulders

Your shoulders play a significant role in putting. They should be level and parallel to the ground throughout the stroke. This will help you maintain a consistent speed and direction.

7. Practice, Practice, Practice

The only way to improve your putting is to practice. Set aside time each day to practice your putting stroke. Start with short putts and gradually increase the distance as you become more confident. Remember to focus on your technique and aim to make every putt.

With these seven proven techniques, you will be well on becoming a putting machine. Remember to practice regularly and stay focused on your style. Good luck and happy putting!

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