Frequently Asked Questions on Eagle Ridge Rewards

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Q. What constitutes a weekday and weekend?
A. Weekdays are Monday thru Friday. Weekends are Saturday and Sunday. A holiday such as Thanksgiving or Presidents Day would fall under weekend pricing. 
Q. When do I start accruing my reward points?
A. You will accrue points when you pay for your green fees anytime after joining the membership. (Points are NOT awarded for tournament play.)
Q. What happens to my points at the end of the year?
A. They never expire and roll over to the next year. 
Q. What rate will I pay for the rest of the year if I’m a new member joining in December?
A.   You will receive the 2021 rewards rates.
Q. Do I need to bring a membership card in to receive my rewards points when I pay for my green fees?
A. Our Rewards Membership is now paperless! All of your information is stored in our database, so when you check in, we will make sure your points go to your account.
Q. Can I add a NCGA membership to this program?
A. Yes, for an additional $60, you can get an NCGA GHIN number through this program.
Q. What will my rewards points get me?
A. For each dollar you spend towards green fees you get 1 point. Point’s Rewards are given at 350 points (1/2 Dozen ProV1 Golf Balls), 700 points (anytime twosome) , 1050 points (1/2 Dozen ProV1 Golf Balls), 1400 (anytime foursoem of golf) and so on.

Q: When I redeem my points do I have to start back at zero?
A: No, your points continue to accumulate throughout the year so once you spend your 350 rewards points you only need to earn 350 more to get your complimentary twosome. 
Q. Is there a reduced rate if I choose to walk?
A. The current rates for 2021 are walking or riding.
Q. Are member fees good for tournament play?
A. Eagle Ridge Rewards rates are NOT applicable for a tournament.